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Gallery: Selected Samples

Summit Press works with companies and organizations of all sizes, including health care organizations, higher education institutions and financial customers. We also have many positive and productive partnerships with talented graphic designers, ranging from one-person shops to large firms.

Here is a selected sample of client work that displays a range of projects.

Kits and pamphlets for pharmaceutical usage

Magazine for Emmanuel College

Kits for professional seminars

Anniversary event program for Emmanuel College

Yearbook for John Hancock

Direct mail campaign for CVS

Direct mail campaign for BMW/Visa

Inserts for Black American Lives series

Pocket maps for Hostelworld

Magazine for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Point-of-purchase materials for TJX

"With Summit, I don't have to make the call—do you have the paper? has the job shipped? Someone gets back to me without fail."

–Liz Howitt, John Hancock

Celebrating 50 years in business